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Telling the sex of rabbits

Bunny Business is endorsed by Animals Australia. Please contact me if you have any bunny questions. The following information has been gained telling the sex of rabbits personal experience with my own rabbits, plus advice I have received from various veterinarians. I have written Bunny Business because although rabbits are easily obtainable, I have found nothing readily available for prospective owners which enables them to understand their rabbits, and so care for them properly to give the animals a reasonable quality of life by allowing their behavioural needs to be met.

The answer to this should of course be no and there is no reason for your rabbit to be kept in a cage either. Don’t buy a rabbit and put him in a hutch somewhere at the bottom of the garden, where he will be forgotten most of the time, and perhaps taken out occasionally for a run. Allow your rabbit to become part of your family as any pet should be. The best education you can give your child is to rescue a rabbit from a shelter.

So instead of buying a baby bunny, contact your local shelter and save a rabbit already on death row. Click on the species of pet you want, which State, and shelter location, e. The link below will take you straight there for those selections. They have a lot more rabbits that are not shown on the website too, including both adults and babies still in foster care.

Lonsdale SA Shelter Ph 1300 477 722. He taught me to understand rabbits. If you have decided that a rabbit is what you want, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, don’t apply what you know about cats and dogs to your new rabbit. Rabbits are “prey” animals, which is quite different from “predatory” cats and dogs. Almost everything that moves can be a predator to your rabbit, including you. See “Teaching your rabbit to use a litter tray.

Mr Rabbit views every stranger as a threat. If your bunny bites, he has a reason. You just have to find out what that reason is. Such behaviour can have several causes, but the most common by far is keeping an un-desexed rabbit in cage housing. Why is this such a problem? Rabbits are prey animals and are so low in the food chain, they are only one step up from grass. In order to do this, they must establish and maintain a territory so they have an area that is safe in which to breed lots of babies.