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Sex with horse story

First Time With A Horse or Wife wants to have sex sex with horse story horse! It was about a year back while I was staying at my friends place.

Then one day as I was going to get a horse to ride I noticed one had its penis out. It was so HUGE and it wasnt even hard yet. So big filled with warm cum. That was it i sneaked out of the house with some toys that i brought and to the stable and there he was. I reached down and felt horse giant balls all filled with cum. As i began to stroke him he just got bigger and harder until he was a FOOT LONG at least. I had used alot of big dildos close to that size so i figured it would fit.

I could see the pre-cum on its giant horse cock. I slowly began to lick and and i realized how amazing it tasted. I fit as much as i could into my mouth and began to suck and stoke horse cock. The feeling of it made me wet so i started to finger myself.

The horse came in my mouth and all over my breasts. It tasted amazing and felt so warm. I wanted it inside me but it wouldnt get hard again. Then i looked around and saw them. I went to the next and did what i did with the last i stroked it until it was hard. This was was about a foot long as well. I laid down under it on a platform and rubbed it against my already soaking wet pussy.

It was hard getting it in at first but all the juices from my pussy made it slip in easy. Before I knew it i had the whole thing inside me. A whole foot long horse cock deep in my pussy. I began to thrust my hips faster and faster pushing the giant cock deep inside me as it pounded me. It was better than anything i had ever felt. I began to hang my tounge out as i drooled from the sheer ecstasy.

I began to cum over and over again i couldnt help it it was just so amazing! I thrust my hips as fast as i could as the horse pounded my harder and harder. I couldnt stop moaning and drooling as I felt that giant cock deep inside me. Then it happened the horse released its cum inside me. I squirted as my pussy ran out of room and began overflowing with cum. I took it out and the rest of it cum squirted on my chest and stomach. I wanted to be fucked in every hole by these horses and get filled in every hole!

I brought the small platform over to the next doing the same as it got hard. This time i got in doggy style position as I began to rub its giant horse cock aginst my ass hole. It was tight but i got it in. This giant cock was now in my tight ass hole.

As i sat there getting pounded, My breasts swinging back and forth each time i moved my hips I saw the dildo in the bag i brought. I pulled out the 8 inch dildo and began pounding myself with it in my pussy. I couldnt stop cumming and drooling from the amazing feeling of getting pounded in both holes. The horse came releasing its giant load into my ass. As my ass overflowed with cum i took it out and in finished the rest on my back. I sat there covered completly inside and out with warm cum smileing with my tounge hanging out. From that day i always loved horse cock.

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