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Sex horror movies list 2014

Please enable it for a better experience of Jumi. There’s nothing wrong with jump scares per se, they’re often the best part of an otherwise forgettable film. But the tough fact is that the overly-reliance on this easy sex horror movies list 2014 use but hard to master technique has overruled any other tactic of creating horror.

One of those dying methods to convey horror is atmosphere. Creating atmosphere and ambience isn’t easy: you need to right set of visual cues and smart cinematography to conjure up the correct amount of dread and sense of space. The score can’t be overburdening either: it needs to complement the action, suggest rather than outright tell what the viewer should be feeling. These are some of the cornerstones for creating an immersive and enveloping atmosphere, but they’re not the only ones.

Because of this, you’ll either find them on films made by master filmmakers or in very cult-y and underground movies from the most varied eras of cinema. As such, these movies also span more than pure, unrestrained horror: some mesh drama, sci-fi and other genres to create a unique setting to the film. It’s this kind of craft, this kind of attention to detail and peculiarity that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. This is a list and analysis of some of the most atmospheric horror movies. That’s what introduces the viewer to Summerisle, the setting of this 1973 folk horror film. When devout Christian Sergeant Howie learns of the disappearance of a young girl, he flies into town so he can investigate her disappearance.

From the moment he gets there, however, he is confronted with something much worse than a missing child: a different religion. From paganistic rituals to shameless public orgies, Howie must deal with opposing views and conflicting opinions in order to solve what looks more and more like a murder. Christopher Lee, and the film is very much considered a vehicle for his acting chops and star power. Howie must then resist primal urges like the seduction of the barkeeper’s daughter, because sex out of the bounds of consecrated marriage is against his Christian values.

The Wicker Man has an incredible sense of setting, punctuated by some hauntingly beautiful musical interludes that add to the magical wonder one would feel in a place as strange as Summerisle. Add some erotic imagery, a pinch of graphic content and an unforgettable ending, and you get this overlooked cult classic that has since then influenced countless other films. Most of David Cronenberg’s early body horror films are owners of a disturbing and twisted atmosphere. Like John Carpenter, he has such a sprawling filmography that films like The Fly or The Brood could also fit on this list, but Videodrome takes the cake.