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Sex determination during prenancy

This page was updated on October 14, 2016. It’s our goal to make KIC user friendly. Some individuals may be first time users. There may be unfamiliar sex determination during prenancy, terms, or analyses.

Its also important to know the source of the data and other caveats. Some aspects of KIC may differ slightly from methodology used in other reports. These technical notes apply to Kansas Information for Communities. All data in KIC are reported on a calendar year basis. Unless otherwise noted, data are reported for Kansas residents. Hispanic origin information on vital events in accordance with OMB 15 standards.

These new methods allow for a wider selection of choices for race, enable the entry of literal text, and allow for a selection of choices for Hispanic origin. Statistics reported this way may not always be comparable to data collected under different reporting methods. Changes in the collection of race and Hispanic origin information in the U. Census and on Kansas vital event certificates, have resulted in an incompatibility of race-based rates reported for births and deaths between 2004 and the years following. The effect of this change is most notable in the rates for persons of other race. Such rates should be used with extreme caution. Census implemented the new collection methods.