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Sex and the city younger years

Having a facelift makes you look just three years sex and the city younger years – and doesn’t improve your attractiveness, claim doctors. A unique study found plastic surgery results in a more youthful appearance, but the improvements are remarkably small.

The more work that’s done, the younger the look, according to US and Canadian specialists. Throat Institute of North Shore-LIJ Health System, New York, who led the latest study, said plastic surgeons often don’t tell prospective patients they will look younger or more attractive because of the lack of objective research. But, he said, there is no doubt the explosion in facial surgery has been driven by expectations that patients will look younger, better and even have a competitive edge in the rat race at work. Our data demonstrate that ageing face surgery is effective in reducing the apparent age of patients but doesn’t consistently improve a patient’s attractiveness’ he said. The study involved an assessment by 50 independent raters who examined preoperative and postoperative photographs of 49 patients, including 12 men, who underwent plastic surgery.

The patients had surgery between July 2006 and July 2010 at a private practice in Toronto, Canada, run by surgeon Peter Adamson, who took part in the study. Patients in the study ranged in age from 42 to 73 years at the time of surgery with an average age of 57 years. On average, the raters estimated their patients’ ages to be about 2. 1 years younger than their chronological age before surgery and 5.