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Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Anti-alcohol campaigners from the Sex advice dvd for Alcohol and Tobacco Studies has urged the Advertising Standards Agency and Ofcom to ban all alcohol imagery before the 9pm time slot, claiming it has harmful effects on young people. There is strong evidence that viewing alcohol advertising or imagery has an uptake on subsequent alcohol use in young people.

The Nottingham University-based group analyzed 611 shows and 1,140 advertisement breaks between 6pm and 10pm and say that approximately half of the content broadcast featured alcoholic imagery. Generation Porn , a landmark Channel 4 documentary trilogy from the award-winning producers at Story Films, will explore the influence of the modern internet porn epidemic through the people who watch it, star in it and control it. The cyber porn industry has exploded. Online giant Porn Hub reported that in 2017 it catered to 28. 5 billion visitors – or 800 searches per second. In fact, online porn sites create more internet traffic than Netflix and Twitter combined.

And what is the impact of porn on our attitudes and relationships? This bold and timely series weaves present tense narratives from across the world showing the growing impact that free, easy-to-access porn is having on the lives of adults and kids. As well as those who watch porn, we’ll meet those who work in the industry and learn how the new porn world is rapidly changing what producers demand from porn stars. Series Director, Philippa Robinson said: Through the characters we meet, the juxtaposition of stories and the key exchanges Generation Porn will illustrate how the porn industry exploded and the consequences for all of us. We have received complaints from some viewers who were unhappy with scenes of violence in the Mick Carter prison storyline. We’re aware that any scenes of violence and unpleasantness can sometimes be upsetting for some of our audience but occasionally it’s necessary to the narrative. We are always extremely mindful of the content within an episode and the time slot in which it is shown.

All of our content, including language must be editorially justified and we’re always careful to film and edit scenes in such a way that they do not exceed reasonable expectations for the programme — with much of the violence being implied rather than explicit. We feel the scenes in question are crucial aspects of the overall storyline of Mick’s time in prison, and that they were not included gratuitously. Tommy Robinson has accused Sky News of editing their interview with him to make it seem like he said he didn’t mind inciting fear of Muslims, a sentiment which was reported in the press, including by RT. Robinson’s comments were about whether the video incited fear of Mulsims, and was not about Robinson’s actions inciting fear.