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Same sex marriage positive effects on society salem

Thus, parenting is a complex process, involving much more than a mother or father providing food, safety, and succor to an infant or child. The life-span developmental perspective extends the study of development across the course of life by conceptualizing the basic process of development as relational in character, that is, as involving associations between the developing individual and his or her complex and same sex marriage positive effects on society salem social and physical context, or ecology.

The broadest level of this ecology is history. The life course and the human ecological views of human development also take a view of developmental processes as relational in character. In turn, the human ecological perspective provides understanding of the levels, networks, or social systems or subsystems within which person-context relations occur. This example of the applicability of the human ecology perspective can be extended by reference to the life-course viewpoint.

Here we might consider the effects on cohorts of poor children growing up in a context wherein there are major changes in their family life occurring as a consequence of a historically significant change in public policy regarding welfare. Clearly, then, there are important interconnections between the life-span, the life-course, and the human ecology perspectives. All viewpoints focus on the linkages that exist between changes within a person over the course of his or her life and the changing structure and function of his or her family, peer group, school, workplace, and community setting, which in turn are embedded within policy, cultural, and historical contexts. Thus, within developmental contextualism, levels are conceived of as integrated organizations. Through the diverse interactions a child has with his or her parents, the child influences the parents that are influencing him or her.