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Registered sex offenders in kingman az

Marijuana Laws Registered sex offenders in kingman az Can Impact You If Arrested For Personal Possession. Arizona is part of a growing list of states that decriminalized Marijuana in the past few years.

Arizona approved the Medical Marijuana Act in 2010 by referendum allowing qualified patients to use medical marijuana for debilitating conditions. In 2016 it is anticipated that voters will go again to the polls to decide if Marijuana will be legalized for recreational use. Despite the nationwide trend and momentum in Arizona to decriminalize marijuana use, personal possession of marijuana remains illegal in the state. Law enforcement continues to prioritize profiling and prosecuting users of marijuana.

With this in mind, there are 5 facts about marijuana laws you should know about in Arizona. No Jail Time For First Time Offenders. Prop 200 basically guaranteed that first time drug offenders could not go to Prison or get jail time for first time drug offenses. There were exceptions for violent offenders, and the legislature later went back and criminalized methamphetamine users but Prop 200 was one of the hallmark pieces of legislation in Arizona that reduced penalties for possession of marijuana.