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Plainfield il sex offenders

Map of Department of Corrections’s jurisdiction. The IDOC was plainfield il sex offenders in 1970, combining the state’s prisons, juvenile centers, and parole services.

The juvenile corrections system was split off into the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice on July 1, 2006. Crossroads and North Lawndale Adult Transition Centers are operated by the Safer Foundation. The Illinois Department of Corrections uses a three level security designation system that encompasses three points of data. The initial classification is performed at one of the reception facilities located throughout the state. Classification reviews are performed periodically on offenders at their assigned facilities. The primary points of data are security level, offender grade, and escape level.

Within the Medium and Minimum security levels there are multiple levels of security as shown in the list of facilities above. There are several factors which determine the level of security at a facility level. A table below will highlight some of the most important distinctions. An offender can be housed at a facility one level lower than his current security classification for a limited period of time if located in the Segregation Unit while a transfer is pending after reclassification. Offender grades are part of the discipline system utilized within the facilities. Offenders are initially assigned to A grade and afforded all privileges.

B grade is a transitional grade for offenders moving back to A grade after demotion to C grade. The escape risk system utilizes a metric to indicate the likelihood that an offender would attempt escape. Several factors are used to determine this metric including but not limited to crime of conviction, criminal history, history of escape attempts, and outstanding warrants. An oddity within the Moderate Escape Risk designation should be noted. This escape level is used for two completely different purposes. A limited group of offenders are granted OUTSIDE CLEARANCE to work outside the perimeter for certain tasks. These offenders must be designated 3AL and have an in depth security analysis performed to be eligible.

Certain crimes would preclude an offender from ever attaining this designation. Pontiac Correctional Center utilizes the Pontiac Medium Security Unit to house these offenders. Menard Correctional Center utilizes the Menard Medium Security Unit to house these offenders. No sex offenders may be housed at this level. All offenders at this level would be considered as having OUTSIDE CLEARANCE as a matter of security designation and be allowed to work on supervised crews in the community. This classification also applies to all offenders assigned to the Impact Incarceration Program. This designation is for work release transitional facilities.