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Illuminati sex slave

How I Got Saved and How You Can Be Saved! The Illuminati in control of the world today partake in such a vast amount of horrific activities such as human sacrifice, ritual killings, babies being mutilated and eaten, blood being drank etc. But if her testimony is not enough, here is an illuminati sex slave featured at www.

The ‘Detroux Affair’ definitely proves the existence of Illuminati pedophile rings. The scandal started with the arrest in Belgium of Marc Dutroux in 1996 for the abduction and murder of girls as young as eight. Dutroux imprisoned the girls in his basement where he sexually abused them and made pornographic videos. He would often murder them after they had served their usefulness. This case was explosive because Dutroux was a small cog in a sex-slave ring involving powerful people. His accomplice in the kidnappings, Michel Lelievre, testified, ‘Marc always told me that he kidnapped girls for people who had placed an order with him.

He killed An and Eefje because the people who placed the order ‘weren’t interested in them. The orders came from a man named Michel Nihoul. A career criminal involved in financial fraud and drug trafficking, Nihoul had connections to the highest echelons of the Belgian establishment. Survivors of the abuse networks were emboldened by Nihoul’s arrest and came forward to testify.

Most witnesses were designated an ‘X’ followed by a number by the police, and so their testimonies became known as the ‘X-dossiers’. The “X-witnesses” named the most powerful men in Belgium as abusers. The use of abuse networks is characteristic of Elite families. For example, Count Maurice Lippens has been a regular Bilderberger attendee and co-ran Societe Generale in the 1980’s. Leopold, the long time mayor of Knokke, as vicious child abusers and participants in the snuff network. Elite sex abusers marry other sex abusers. X1 and X2 mentioned Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, a Belgian aristocrat who was heavily involved in fascist organizations, as one of the most sadistic abusers in the network.

One of his sisters married Count Herve d’Ursel, who has been accused by X1 of involvement in the snuff and ritual abuse network. His other sister is married to Bernard de Merode, an intelligence-connected family that has been accused of child abuse by X4 and Nathalie W. Even the Belgian Royal family has been implicated on several occasions. Clearly child sexual abuse networks are part of the lifestyle of the generational satanists who make up the Belgian ruling elite.

This behavior is not confined to Belgium. The children were sent to VIP parties in clubs and villas where they were subjected to oral and penetrative sex escalating to perversions of unimaginable horror. These include violent anal rape of children as young as three, long torture sessions, and sex with animals. When the contractions started her grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant commissioner of Knokke arrived.

De Bonvoisin and Vander Elst arrived thereafter Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade. When the child exited, de Bonvoisin beat her . Directly after X1 gave birth she was raped and sodomized. These personalities are brought to life by different triggers, for instance a compliant sex-slave can be brought into existence by a certain word. He gave me different names: Pietemuis, Meisje, Hoer, Bo.