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Hancock sex

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. For other characters in the Fallout universe named John, see John. Goodneighbor’s of the people, for the people, you feel me? Goodneighbor in 2287, and a potential companion of the Sole Survivor. John Hancock is a ghoul who resides in the settlement of Goodneighbor, serving as its unofficial mayor. He became a ghoul sometime after 2282, following the use of an experimental radioactive drug.

In spite of his ghoulification, John Hancock considers the high “so worth it,” as well as noting the near immortality he obtained as a benefit. Before John Hancock became mayor, the town was run by a ruthless mob boss named Vic. Currently, Hancock serves as the self-appointed mayor of Goodneighbor. The majority of citizens look to him for guidance, and he acts as a source of reassurance concerning the looming synth threat.

Sole Survivor has at least 250 rads. Hancock is a potential candidate for romance, an option that unlocks after reaching the highest level of affinity. Saying love conquers all to Miss Edna. Thanking Captain Maria during Special Delivery. Threatening Brother Thomas during Emogene Takes a Lover.

Telling Supervisor White that the Graygarden supervisors’ personalities are “definitely unique. Giving Emogene Cabot the anti-aging formula when talking to her. Siding with Jack Cabot at the end of the mission The Secret of Cabot House. Responding “Glimmers of hope” while talking with Kent during The Silver Shroud. When agreeing to Kent’s idea to bring back Silver Shroud.

When agreeing to take care of Sinjin during the quest, The Silver Shroud. Killing Theodore Collins instead of choosing to side with him in Mystery Meat. Calling Ann Codman a bitch or being sarcastic when talking to her for the first time. When successfully persuading Wolfgang to lower his weapon. Keeping the drinking buddy for themselves.

When the artillery is fired during the quest Old Guns. Using the ‘anger option’ with Cedric Hopton. Destroying the Prydwen with the Minutemen’s artillery in With Our Powers Combined. Telling Gabriel that “you’ll take whatever you want” or “on second thought” when you ask about his plunder during Synth Retention. Telling Billy his parents are probably dead in the quest Kid in a Fridge.