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Famous sex change people

Connect to your existing Cracked account if famous sex change people have one or create a new Cracked username. Have you ever heard a band perform live and realized that they switched up some lyrics on you?

It’s not because the singer was too stoned to remember the right words, it’s because songs frequently go through major changes, particularly when it comes time to lay the track down in the studio. In “Honky Tonk Woman,” the Rolling Stones sing of hopping from woman to woman, trying to get over one lover in particular. Then the action shifts to New York, where the singer hooks up with a divorcee. Now we’ll presumably get to hear about the Stones entering some cafe or whorehouse for further amorous escapades.

Didn’t think the song was going to go with public nudity, but Europeans are more open-minded, or so we hear. And props for replacing the “as the day I was born” cliche with the image of an erect Keith Richards in the coffin. So, walking les rues de Paris, cock flapping in the wind, surely it’s time for the singer to run into his next female love interest. But let’s not jump to conclusions. Having exhausted America’s supply of women, the singer next seeks satisfaction by flailing nude into a pack of very confused French sailors. Honky Tonk Woman off his mind. In the song, the singer wakes up in a London doorway to the sight of a policeman.