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Endometrial ablation sex

After nearly a decade of research and development, a new approach to treat menorrhagia has endometrial ablation sex. AEGEA Medical’s Adaptive Vapor Ablation technology utilizes the naturally expansive power of water vapor to deliver a safe, effective and quick endometrial ablation procedure.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONAs with all surgical procedures, there are risks and considerations associated with use of the AEGEA Vapor System. Please refer to the device labeling for a detailed discussion of the device’s intended use, relevant warnings, precautions, side effects, and contraindications. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone plagued with heavy periods. My periods are lighter, my cramps have decreased, and my sex life has improvedand it only took a few minutes in my doctor’s office. The AEGEA Vapor System is a simple and quick system to use and the built-in safety checks make it a solid option for in-office endometrial ablation. I’ve gone from heavy periods with extreme cramping to light periods with almost no cramping. I would definitely recommend this procedure.

The AEGEA Vapor System gives me the opportunity to help more patients since it works in non-uniform uterine cavities. Considering a natural option to address my heavy periods was important to me, so using sterilized water vapor made senseand I am happy with the results. The short, flexible tip is easy to insert and make for a comfortable patient experience. I would definitely recommend the procedure to a friend. I like that I don’t have to deploy arrays or form ice-balls.

Just insert the tip, confirm the safety tests, and focus on my patient. The ease of insertion, small size, low vapor pressure, and new safety features will provide more gynecologists with the confidence to perform endometrial ablation in an office setting. Statements provided by physicians who used and patients who were treated with the AEGEA Vapor System. It’s time to help women find their freedom from heavy bleeding. With menorrhagia, every period causes enough blood loss and cramping that many women can’t maintain their usual activities.