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Bed and breakfast same sex guests laws

In February the Junta de Andalucía held a meeting in Málaga, which was attended by over 300 people keen to get clarification on the new guidelines. I attended the meeting to find out exactly how to register your holiday rental in Andalucía. The main application details must include the owner’s details, since as an owner you are bed and breakfast same sex guests laws completely responsible for your property and the activity as tourist accommodation unless you have given another party Power of Attorney to be your legal representative.

If you have a property manager or agency managing your holiday rental, you can nominate them to take care of the registration, be available for the inspection, etc. Property owner details, including an address where notifications can be sent. An inspection should take place sometime after presenting, but as there is a huge delay in the inspection process, the Junta de Andalucía are granting registration numbers beforehand, as long as your paperwork is in order. When you submit your application you will be issued with a reference code, which proves you have presented your application.

The code starts CTC and can be found at the top of your declaración responsable. You should be able to use this in your advertising to show you are within the process. Declaración Responsable’ and continue to advertise the property as tourist accommodation, it will be considered an illegal activity. The Inspection Process An inspection of your property will be carried out during the application process. Within the Declaración Responsable you can name a representative, who will then be contacted to confirm an inspection date.

Inspections may be carried out during guest occupation. The inspector will ask to see all your paperwork i. Licence of First Occupation, Title Deeds, etc. If a property does not meet the structural requirements of the decree, for example if you do not have air-conditioning or heating.

Or if you have not got a copy of your Licence of First Occupation, you will be given one year to get the property into the required condition for rental. This does not apply to agents running three or more properties in the same place, who will be considered as a representative, not an owner. What properties can be registered as a Vivienda con Fines Turísticos? Several clients have asked us about the difference between coastal and inland properties. We recommend you check with your local town hall to confirm this. As the criteria to register has been kept very simple, it’s not clear who or how your property is graded. If this happens during inspection, or based on your registration details.

We hope to update on this later. Casa completa: You rent the whole property out and don’t live there during guest occupation. In this case you may offer a maximum occupation of 15 guests. Por habitación: You may offer single-room occupation, as long as you live there at the time of guest occupation.

You would then be registered under the title: Vivienda turística por habitaciones. If you apply for this category you may use international terms, such as guest house or bed and breakfast. In this case you may offer a maximum occupation of 6 guests. And you must also submit a copy of your Certificado de Empadronamiento to prove you are living at the address.