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Aversion therapy for sex offenders

Few mental health or behavioral phenomena arouse greater public emotion or fascination than do the atypical sexualities. In the current, highly polarized climate, sexuality science aversion therapy for sex offenders been claimed to support many contradictory things.

This workshop will tour the wide range of atypical sexualities, from the merely different to the frankly dangerous. Sharon Cooper, MD, Developmental and Forensic Pediatrics, P. This presentation will explore the impact on the developing brain of children and youth caused by exposure to adult pornography. The easy access to internet pornography makes it very difficult for parents and guardians to protect children even from inadvertent access to extremely explicit content.

Research on the nature of pornography today underscores that there has been a marked increase in misogyny, degradation, and sexual violence. From start to finish, trans identity is both complex and poorly understood. Paul Rodriguez, MA, Minnesota Sex Offender Program, St. The Static-99R is one of the most widely used risk assessments for predicting the risk for sexual re-offense among adult male sexual offenders.

It contains ten items and is scored based on a thorough file review of demographic and criminal history information. The coding manual was significantly revised in 2016, resulting in clarification on scoring for some items, and substantial changes to other items. Marie Clark, MA, Behavioral Science Institute, Inc. This workshop will provide an overview of the assessment and treatment of adolescents who have sexually offended. Information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of psychosexual assessments and the use of assessment information to guide trauma informed treatment will be discussed.

This workshop will provide practical information and strategies to assist clinicians, probation officers, juvenile officers, and case workers. People who have committed sexual offences, at some point, start to live lives that are incompatible with continued offending. How do people arrive at such a life? Participants in this workshop will be introduced to what is known about the process of desistance and the predictors of desistance in those who have sexually offended. This workshop will also introduce an approach to having desistance conversations with those who have sexually offended. This workshop will focus on the training of and services provided by sexual assault and domestic violence advocates in the state of Minnesota. Sexual assault and domestic violence advocates have privilege under Minnesota statute 595.