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Juvenal, and which may be more literally translated as Who will guard the guards themselves? It was quoted as an epigraph in the Tower Commission Report into the Iran-Contra scandal and many, many, many other places. This is about what happens when the police are in need of some policing. Perhaps there’s a Serial Killer preying on the cops.

Maybe the civilians are turning on the police, allowing the criminals to win. Internal Affairs is a division within the main group whose specific purpose is indeed to watch the watchmen. A work with such a division may still bring in the trope if internal affairs itself becomes corrupt and needs some investigation. Ironically, the original quote concerned the problem of hiring guards to prevent your promiscuous wife from cheating on you, with the implication that she would try to seduce or bribe the guards, or that the guards would do the same or worse to her. See also One of Our Own and Screw the Rules, I Make Them! Can lead to Super Registration Act in superhero comics. Countdown to Final Crisis attempted this with Donna Troy saying “Who Monitors the Monitors?

It went over about as well as the rest of the comic. It was only two monitors who actually screwed up. The rest did absolutely nothing the entire time. The issue of who judges the Judges is a recurring theme in the comic, most particularly in the democracy arc. In “Trifecta” it’s revealed that after Cal’s misrule the former head of Black Ops, Judge Smiley, went undercover in case a new threat may arise from within the department.

As he put it, he’s a Judge to judge the Judges who judge the Judges. The “Sector Zero” was a proposed special cadre of elite judges taking this idea Up to Eleven, with the power to judge even the SJS. Chief Judge Goodman rejected it on the basis that it’d start an infinite loop: if even SJS can’t be trusted, who’s to say this Sector Zero can? As its name suggests, this is a prominent theme in Watchmen. If superheroes really exist, who can police them?

The phrase itself appears as graffiti throughout the comic, though is never seen in its entirety. The backstory includes police frustration with costumed vigilantes, which leads to cops striking in protest. A very similar question is posed in the title of one of the comics in Marvel’s “What If” series: What If No One Was Watching The Watcher? The “Return of Hawkman” arc of JSA ends with a discussion of this trope, seen on this article’s Quotes page. Superman’s criticism of the Linear Men in “Time Ryders” from the Time And Time Again collected edition after Waverider is admitted as a new member.

Superman: You have all the answers, don’t you? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Enemy of the State: At the end of the film, Robert and Carla are watching a TV news interview with Congressman Albert and this trope is discussed both on the TV and then by them. Congressman Albert: We knew that we had to monitor our enemies.

Carla: Well, who’s going to monitor the monitors of the monitors? The live-action Thunderbirds movie used a variant of this as its tagline: “Who will rescue the rescuers? The Apprentice Rogue: Artamos’ job is to prevent Leona from coming to harm on her way to her wedding. This includes preventing physical harm and threats to her virginity. In The Annals of the Chosen the role of Wizard Lord was created by the Immortal Council to deal with rogue wizards. Eventually a Wizard Lord went rogue and the Council created the Chosen to deal with any Dark Lords, adding a new Chosen with each defeated Dark Lord.

In one of the stories in Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? Seuss, the people of the town of Hawtch-Hawtch discover that the town bee works harder and makes more honey if someone watches it. Then they figure that the bee-watcher will do a better job if someone watches him, so they hire a bee-watcher-watcher. In Digital Fortress, it’s one of the main themes. Vimes has created his own mental watchman for this duty, so that even when alone with only villains, he does not give in to his dark impulses. It was so powerful that even an ancient dwarven spirit of vengeance feared it.