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Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. This is written in the hope that it adult sex shop mail order catalogues uk assist readers of Ivy Leaf’s wonderful compilation in understanding the motivation of the men who wear corsets out of choice, the people who constitute “The Other Side”. It is to be hoped that the more disapproving readers will accept what is written is not meant to be sensational or intrusive.

It is intended to be a sincere effort to explain to your readers the motivations of another member of the “Other Side”. In a different way Ivy Leaf is a worthy heiress to those wonderful women of yesteryear in that she has seen fit to add the “Other Side” to her amazing website. The presentation adopts the “three W” approach – an opinion as to “Who” we are, “Why” we are like we are and “What” we are. Even today, amongst readers of Ivy Leaf’s site there will be a broad range of attitudes towards men such as myself and Simon who have chosen to wear corsets and to anchor them down through their suspenders which are clipped to “ladies” nylon stockings. There have been many attempts to explain the underlying psychological reasons for our behaviour.

Amateur psychologists abound and very few psychiatrists really understand why we are motivated as we are. Mary” and Iris Norris of Gardners to whom Simon refers. To that end I set about trying to remember my boyhood to find out if there were any “clues” The result is I have written my “life story” concerning corsets, suspenders and stockings, Ivy leaf had agreed to present it separately. For most of our adult lives we have risked “being found out” with the attendant general public approbation or ridicule. The problem is that, for all the progress that has been made the public at large does not discriminate between manifestations of our choice. The one group which one would have hoped were understanding were psychiatrists yet even today there is an over-riding tone of condemnation in their attitude to our interest even today. The popular tendency is to lump all shades of behaviour t be the same.

What is remarkable is that during the “dark ages”, there were rays of light. Women who understood that our motivations were harmless and were willing and ready to meet our requirements. Speaking from experience of having the mild condition, it operates on three levels, the Aesthetic, Physical and Psychological , which are “triggered” by our senses – Visual, Tactile and Acoustic. Given that boys are largely nurtured by women, it is hardly surprising that they are exposed from a very early age to the presence of feminine under-apparel.

Given all that, it can hardly be surprising that some small percentage of boys, or young men are at some time curious as to what it can feel like “inside” apparel regarded as exclusively female. I believe such was the underlying motivation of Simon when he tried on his grandmother’s corsets. We might take Simon’s as a case in point. He grew up in an era when trying on women’s clothes was at best regarded as abnormal, at worst as perverted or deviant. What his mother did, was a common response to what she had discovered and which probably “cured” some boys. What motivated the young men and boys to set out on such a course of action?